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Jack slipped behind the wheel and headed for the Torchwood hangar on the outskirts of London. It wasn't marked and heavily gated and guarded but Jack's ID got them in without a problem. He and Logan walked in and then out the back where a ship was waiting to be 'inspected'. It was a beutiful piece of machinety, sleek and silver, untouched by time or travel. Jack touched the ship and the metal opened and morphed into stairs for them to enter.

Inside the light glowed softly from unseen sources. Jack went to the pilot's seat and looked at the controls. The Nandovarian tech was close enough to Chula systems that it took him no time to close the door and give Logan a look.

"Get buckled in, I'm not sure what sort of inertial dampeners this baby has."

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"Don't say that, you're gonna jinx us," Logan countered, following carefully and keeping close.

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Logan nodded, making his way back to the airlock.

As fascinating as space was, he was eager to get back inside the ship.

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"What am I, your maid?" Logan asked flatly, rolling his eyes and starting to dig around. All he came up with in the end was water and nutrient paste- Which smelled like fish, to be totally honest.

A little more digging turned up some kind of potato powder that self heated in it's pouch when you added water. It was better than nothing, and Logan set it out and took a seat on the bed to dig in.

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"This is seriously gross," Logan replied, though it didn't stop him from eating as he patted the bed beside him, urging Jack to come join him.

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Pulling a face, Logan put down the fih paste and gagged a little.

"That's really not helping, Jack."

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"I'm really good, thanks," Logan laughed, pushing it away and drinking the water instead. "Next time I'm packing a lunch."

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