Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:58 pm
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There had been a flurry of activity on the solstice, but everything had died down. Jack had stopped monitoring and turned off the alerts. It was a beautiful day. Too beutiful to think about work.

"Hey," he said to Val, smacking the door jamb to get the man's attention. "It's too good outside to be cooped up down here. Fancy getting some lunch with me?"

He already had his coat on, ready to go. He reached in the pocket and pulled out his keys, jingling them.

"Come on, you know you want to."


Jan. 6th, 2017 02:00 pm
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"Not really," Jack said. "I think I'd like to be doing more than kissing when the fireworks go off."

He caught Val's hand and escorted him out of the party to his SUV he had parked nearby.

"I just need your address," he said as he opened the door for the other man.
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Jack raced after the blowfish and caught him in an aley behind, of all places, a fish and chip place.

"Give it up," Jack said.

"Pay me, fucker," the fish said clearly in English.

Jack reached into his pocket as if for a gun, but pulled out a thick stack of notes.

"Alright," he shrugged.

The blowfish came closer and took the money, then handed Jack a wrinkled paper sack. Then he ran off, keeping out of sight until he got his hood up.

Jack opened the bag, looked inside, and smiled.

"Well , hello beautiful."

Then he heard a scuff just down the way and he looked to see who it was.

"Oh. Hi there," he said.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 02:55 pm
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Jack slipped behind the wheel and headed for the Torchwood hangar on the outskirts of London. It wasn't marked and heavily gated and guarded but Jack's ID got them in without a problem. He and Logan walked in and then out the back where a ship was waiting to be 'inspected'. It was a beutiful piece of machinety, sleek and silver, untouched by time or travel. Jack touched the ship and the metal opened and morphed into stairs for them to enter.

Inside the light glowed softly from unseen sources. Jack went to the pilot's seat and looked at the controls. The Nandovarian tech was close enough to Chula systems that it took him no time to close the door and give Logan a look.

"Get buckled in, I'm not sure what sort of inertial dampeners this baby has."


Jun. 1st, 2015 12:24 am
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It had been days and Jack had been keeping track of Logan. The young man had no money, no access to his accounts, no key card to the penthouse, no car, no resources, and he didn't even know how to use his phone. But Jack knew and while he gave Logan time he watched him on CCTV to make sure he was safe. Relatively.

But days had passed and he knew Logan had to be hungry, had to be exhausted trying to be homeless on the streets of London, and when he saw a dispatch for police to Logan's location Jack bolted to the SUV and he got there just as the police arrived.

"Torchwood," he said, flashing his ID. "I'll handle it."
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He'd been held captive by the Riiant clan for the better part of a week and when he finally got free he couldn't get past the residual effects of their pleasure cortex. It was always so much easier to dominate and control someon who felt good...especially when you could make them feel even better. But he'd made his escape and had had the Torchwood One doc remove the device.

And that was how he found himself in a bar drinking ancient whiskey and eating good beef and looking at everyone who passed like his next target.
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The work was never done. Jack had chased down a blowfish and had arrested him. He hated the Torchwood policy of kill first and question later that they had in London. Unfortunately he had taken the creature back to One and he'd been killed there "trying to escape". Jack was sick with it and he withdrew.

He didn't usually drink but he had good reason. So he sat in the bar at the end of the street with a glass of brandy he'd already drained four times.

What he wouldn't give to be able to get drunk.
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Jack drove to Fin's in the West End, following the man's instructions. The building was beautiful- Jack couldn't fault the architecture of gentrification.

"Here we are," he said, parking next to a powerful black and silver motorcycle. "Lead the way."

His coat billowed as he followed Fin, his posture perfectly straight. This looked less like a hook up and more like a militarty operation as Jack followed Fin to his home.

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